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Science has Proof, Children Learn More From Interactive Experiences

Though probably not from Fortnite.


In a debate that has raged for centuries (ok, decades), science has finally proven that toddlers learn more from interactive media than from traditional media. Though the throughline is: it depends. On what exactly?


A new article that reviews the studies that came to determine said conclusion (Child Development Perspectives by Heather Kirkorian) states that "interactivity appears to help young children connect what they see on a screen to their experience in the world." This of course comes with the HUGE RED ASTERISK of "some types of interactivity are more beneficial than others...may vary considerably from person to person."

I don't know about you, but that is as ironclad a case for playing Halo as you are going to find in this world. The best part being some types are definied in the most generic way possible...if at all.

But wait, not all is lost. They do go on to say that "interactive media is more demanding cognitively...may facilitate learning by promoting a sense of agency." Also "The extent to which young children learn from screen media depends on, among other things, the intersection between the cognitive demands of a particular learning task and each child's cognitive resources."

So I can code....and I still have no idea what on God's green earth that means. I'm guessing its kind of a learning the alphabit on and iPad is good, playing Skyrim until 3AM is not so good.

This is good news for developers who want to create an education app. Call it a selling feature. The way kids learn is definitely going to change in the future and it will be that much more powerful if we bring VR into it.

More information can be found here.

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