Bandit Interactive - 081018_DevUpdate
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Updates to Main Screen and Animations

Improvements made in the art plus slight rebranding done to make the game name more unique. Key improvements going forward and all the latest about the alpha.


One of the most difficult challenges comes in supporting many different platforms. As Jumble is based on the Unity Engine, there are specific bugs that have been uncovered in the alpha that are being worked on and in the development roadmap leading towards a full release of the game.


Unity makes it easy - and it doesn't. Consistent problems with display of the UI plague development of this platform. There are a lot of versions of Windows to support and way too many screen resolutions. We are trying to enforce a 4:3 ratio for the display of the game, but that doesn't always translate well. Last week, an alpha version came into some problems when the UI refused to follow the 4:3 standard. This led to some unexpected results including improper UI scaling and UI buttons not firing properly. Other machines running the same alpha had no problems, so it is difficult to pin down a cause.

Other more minor problems came up when the game reached out to the server. While not a big problem now (as there is another patch that should theoretically fix this issue), its one we have to look out for.


Unlink Windows, the Mac version seems to have no problem enforcing the 4:3 ratio and displays properly. Buttons seem to fire fine. One issue was found in accessing content in the StreamingAssets folder (it wasn't there for some reason). This is intermittent and does not affect all macs.


There are 9 pieces of art left to do. Most of these are achievement badges and should be relatively easy to create. Still doing research to get the look of these remaining badges right.


Considering dropping this as I have no one with a native machine to alpah test with. Also considering the complexity uncovered in the Mac and PC builds, adding a 3rd platform could easily turn into a nightmare. More on this later.

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